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About me

I m a French product designer with over 20 years of experience.

I am based in the UK after spending 10 years in Hong Kong from 1996 until 2006 where I worked 3 years for a French watch manufacturer 

before setting up my own product design agency.

I design products in various fields such as consumer electronics, home accessories, mobile devices, smart devices, watches and transportation.

I help Native Union to launch their brand through the design of the Pop phone and the BT Curve, projects for Lego Robotics, Jabra, Flit eBike...

I am always looking for new challenges, don't hesitate to get in touch.


David Turpin, 63A Newton Road, SA3 4BL, Mumbles, UK. +44 (0) 7549 146376
Skype: davidturpin.designer

Client: Native Union - Project: Design of a line of handsets (BT Curve/Pop phone) - Year: 2008 - Country: Hong Kong

Design of a line of handsets to use with a mobile device or a computer.
I helped Native Union to launch their brand through this design and the Pop phone.
Ref: BT curve.

Client: Arwin Technology Ltd - Project: Design of a climate sensor - Year: 2018 - Country: Hong Kong

Design of the smallest climate sensor, this device calculate the humidity and the temperature in a room.
Ref: Nano S


Client: Hedworth Ltd - Project: Design of a calculator - Year: 2001 - Country: Hong Kong

Hedworth Ltd was a company based in Hong Kong specialised in developing electronic gifts,
I was in charge for designing products for them like radios, calculators, mp3 players, handsets...


Client: Flit Bike - Project: Design of an electric bike - Year: 2016/20 - Country: United Kingdom

Flit is a start up company based in Cambridge that aims to bring a line of innovative electric bikes to the market .
1/ Graphic design: Logo design, packaging and icons.
2/ Product design: Design of an electric folding bike, working closely with the engineers to be sure that every detail and
shape is optimized for the manufacturing process and to ensure the product is aesthetically beautiful.

Design a set of icons that show the places you can bring your Flit Electric Bike.
At the Coffee, in the train, at the office and at home.

Information Icons.

Electric Folding bike design

Personal work: Gas hob + Knob concept

During my spare time, I like to explore shapes and use them to draw objects with minimalist aesthetics.

Gas hob

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