I am a French designer with twenty five years of experience.
My professional journey led me to spend a decade in Hong Kong, from 1996 to 2006.
During this time, I worked for three years for a watch manufacturer before founding my design studio.

My expertise covers the entire project lifecycle, starting from the early stages with initial sketches and
continuing through the detailed phases of design development, 3D modeling, and renderings.

   Recent projects:
1. Faucet design for Kohler and Jacob Delafon
2. Tile design for Fogazza Pavimenti & LaClave Spain
3. Packaging and industrial design for Gembah | Design expert
4. Furniture design for Bellus Design Kong Kong
5. Electric Folding Bike for FLIT BIKE  | www.flit.bike - https://flit.bike/meet-david-turpin/
6. LED light design for Bellus Design Kong Kong
7. Branding for Bellus Design & FLIT BIKE
8. Door hardware for Doganlar

1. Good design award 2011 for the BT Curve - Handset for Native Union
2. iLounge Best of show 2011 for the BT Curve.
3. Design plus winner 2012 for the BT Curve.
4. Hong Kong Smart Gifts Design Awards in 2011 for the BT Curve.
5. Design for the FLIT bike - 2019

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